Welcome to the 11straps demo website!

It combines the static website generator Eleventy & the CSS framework Bootstrap 5.

Download v0.2latest version Check it out on Github

Open source & free

11straps is an open source project released under the MIT license. It is free for everyone. You are welcome to test, contribute and improve it or use it even for commercial projects.

Eleventy + Bootstrap = 💪

11straps come´s with the static site generator Eleventy and the CSS framework Bootstrap 5 in it. It combines both via npm and Gulp and adds some dev and build magic to it. This website itself is also included as example.

Local server & Browser Sync

11straps includes a dev build process with a local server and browser sync. Everything you need for your local live dev environment.

Minified and purged output

Once you are done with your local development it´s time for a prod build. The 11straps prod output is a minified HTML site with a minified and purged CSS file and optimized assets. Thats it. Just a clean, fast and static website will come out.


The full documentation can be found over there at Github.


Many thanks to the Eleventy and the Bootstrap team of course.
Special thanks to Rasmus Anderson for the great Inter UI typeface familiy I use on this website.
Also a big shoutout to Dennis Snellenberg for his awesome Angular Icon set